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Makuta, Lord of The Shadows

Teridax (voiced by Lee Tockar) is on of The Makuta, a warrior race that lives in the shadows. He is the most powerful member, and leader of their brotherhood. He can create, and manipulate powerful creatures to serve him, his mission, keep his brother Mata Nui, asleep. His plans were never fullfilled when the Toa brought an end to his plans,and awoke his brother.


Makuta is a Giant robotic warrior with his face always covered in a mask. His mask is called The Mask of Shadows, which allows to control all the forces of darkness. He also wields a huge kohlii staff, which is also used as a spear.



  • Makuta Teridax also can grow wings from his back to fly, and unleash a powerful shadow claw to grab his opponents, to place them under a sleeping spell.
  • Teridax will become Aaron's enemy at the end of Aaron's Adventures in Bionicle

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