This scene comes from the episode Lelouch, Friend or Foe in the Aaron's Adventures Chronicles

Zero: Well, now let's end this nonsense once and for all.

???: I agree, but, not like you planned it, Zero.

Aaron: No way, I know that voice.

(Soon, the mysterious voice jumps down to reveal Tetsuo Xenon)

Jake: Tetsuo Xenon!

Zero: And you are who?

Tetsuo: I am Tetsuo Xenon! And I have discovered your true identity.

Zero: What?!

Tetsuo: Then let's get a better look, behind that mask!

(As Tetsuo removes Zero's mask, the whole gang discovers the truth of this black knight.)

Tetsuo: I knew, it was you.

Aaron: So that's it, isn't that right, Lelouch!

Lelouch: Yes, I am Zero, the man that you met once before, the who holds the entire world in his hands.

Tetsuo: Not this time, Lelouch.

Lelouch: Really? How's That?

Tetsuo: You'll find out now.

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