The Black Cauldron (Aaron The Wise '91 style) is an crossover from Aaron The Wise '91 on The Black Sheep of Disney Animation.


  • Aaron: Taran
  • Megan: Eilonwy
  • Shun: Fflewddur Fflam
  • Gollum (Rankin/Bass): Gurgi
  • Grumpy: Doli
  • Hen Wen: Herself
  • Mr. Ages: King Eidelag
  • Pandora: Orddu
  • Phantasos: Orwen
  • Eris: Orgach
  • The Horned King: Hades (Saint Seiya)
  • Creeper: Mr. Beastly
  • Bone Hunters, Skrall, Tuma, & Metus: The Barbarians
  • Roodaka: Gypsy Dancer
  • Turaga Vakama: Dallban
  • Rahkshi, Bohrok, Vahki, and Visorak: The Cauldron-Born
  • Lucifer: Arawn (mentioned only)
  • Gwythaints: Themselves


  • This film is the third crossover film from Aaron The Wise '91
  • The Black Cauldron is Aaron The Wise '91's favorite disney films

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