"Superman." - The Iron Giant before hittting the missle.

The Iron Giant (voiced by Vin Diseal) is the main character of The Iron Giant.

He crash-lands on Earth and soon meets a young boy named Hograth. With his help, the Giant begins to learn about things such as death and "you are who you choose to be". The Iron Giant though was able to unleash a beakon that allows his parts to come back together, fixing himself good as new. The Iron Giant is also a fan of a famous superhero, The man of Steel himself, Superman.


  • The Iron Giant will meet Jeffrey, Jaden and Hiccup in Jeffrey, Jaden, Hiccup & Friends meet The Iron Giant.
  • Aaron will meet The Iron Giant in Aaron Meets The Iron Giant.
  • Arik will meet The Iron Giant in Arik Meets The Iron Giant.
  • Twilight, Kyle and Juniper Lee will meet The Iron Giant in Twilight, Kyle and Juniper Lee meets The Iron Giant.
  • The Iron Giant will return in Twilight and Kyle's Adventures of How to Train Your Dragon 2, after that, he'll join the Rainbooms.