The Journey of Peace is the epic conclusion of the Aaron's Adventures series!


Void Cubia is finally beaten by our heroes, however, little do they all know that Lucifer has returned for one more fight with the Adventure teams. Everyone is at their best for this one final battle, that will decide the fate of the United Universe forever. Who will win, and who will lose, only to be ultimately destroyed?


  • This movie will conclude the entire Aaron, & Friends Power Adventures Series, but lead to a new series to follow, Arik's Adventures series.
  • Lucifer will appear to have the upper hand early in the battle, until a surprise guest returns to help our heroes win the battle, The Grey Witch, Karla, and with her will be, The Black Cauldron!
  • After the battle, the other knights are wondering what happened to Aaron, & Megan, for the two have disappeared.
  • It will be revealed that Aaron, & Megan have settled down in Kolma Village, where Magan is in her bed with a round stomach, revealing that shes ready to give birth, revealing a baby boy when it's born. This will lead to a brand new adventure series in the future.


The Final Battle

  • Asuna: No! It can't be!
  • Klein: Oh, This is ridiculous!
  • SPRX-77: This is not Happening!
  • Lucifer: Oh but it is. I am truly pleased for the efforts of Skeleton King. He was truly the greatest of all my minions.
  • Aichi: What do you mean?
  • Lucifer: (chuckling) Do you not understand still. The other appearance was only a shadow of myself, and I have been freed from my eternal torment.
  • Kirito: You Coward!
  • Lucifer: Coward? How could I have been? After all, I've facing you in combat all the ways, just not physically.
  • Clank: Bit strange.
  • Terra: No, his darkness shows that. I've never felt something so powerful before in my life.
  • Arthur: Yes, But we must not fall here.
  • Sorey: Because if we do, Lucifer will rule all.
  • Aaron: Not without a fight.

Lucifer's might and end

  • The Knights and there friends are throwing all they've got against but Lucifer just shakes it off.
  • Lucifer: You Fools! (unleashing his energy.)
  • This forces the heroes back.
  • Lucifer: You truly believe you can win? (laughs) You who have done far worse than I. I stood for my fellow Angels for reason, and justice. And then you humans came, born in his image. You're all flawed creations, and I was to bow down to you.
  • Kirito: Yeah, so what, you were the ones who gave us free will, and we made decisions that were bad, but we learned from them and improved, becoming better people.
  • Lucifer: That may be true. But I am so sick of you all. The time has come to end this.
  • Yuma: No!
  • Lucifer: Remember the War in Heaven! Remember The Rebellion! (blasts energy into the black cauldron.) Soon we shall witness the end of the entire realms of the universe!
  • Aaron: We have to stop him here and now!
  • Megan: I'm with you all the way!
  • Lucifer: The fallen sons of Paradise will rise again! (heartless begin to emerge)
  • Kirito: We'll hold them off!
  • Aaron: Good Luck!
  • Lucifer: I'll make the earth tremble, shake kingdoms and leave the world a desert! We'll no longer suffer under His Plan, but shall be free under MINE!
  • Aaron: Don't be so sure! (Stirkes at Lucifer) HHHAAA!
  • Lucifer: (cries in pain) How!? How is this Possible?! I am all powerful!
  • Megan: Except for one thing! Your alone, and always have been.
  • Aaron: But We have each other, we will stop you once and for all!
  • Lucifer: Stop! What are you doing?! NNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Aaron: Come before us now! Oh great being of all!
  • Megan: We summon thee to bring forth your limitless Light!
  • Aaron & Megan: Come Hordikah!
  • Lucifer: What?!
  • Aaron: Lucifer!
  • Megan: Be Gone!
  • Hordikah soon unleashes massive waves of light, and plunges the blade of Jesus Chirst, Excalibur into Lucifer's heart.
  • Lucifer: (cries in agony) No! I shall take you with me! (cries further more in pain)
  • Aaron: Guess again.
  • Lucifer's body suddenly begins to crack and break apart, until finally turning into stardust. bursting into light, eliminating any dark force in its way.
  • Aaron and Megan are shrouded in light as they see each other and kiss, and vanish.
  • When all is done, everyone wonders what what happened.