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"How bad can I possibly be?" -The Once-ler.

The Once-ler (voiced by Ed Helms) is a character in Jaden meets The Lorax (2012). He was once a young man who was looking for material to create his invention: the Thneed. His travels took him to a Truffula tree forest, where he cut down a tree for its leaves. By chopping down the tree, he summoned the Lorax, who, along with Jaden and his team, tried to stop the Once-ler from chopping more trees. Eventually, the Once-ler pormised to cut down anymore, but after his Thneed became a success, he recruited his family for help on making more. Their laziness caused him to brake his promise, and cut down trees again. Eventually, the Once-ler became a wealthy business man, until the last Turffula tree was cut down. After seeing what he's down to the land and the animals, he regretted what he's done. Jaden and his team left him and asked Naminé to erase their memories of The Once-ler and what he's done, after failing to stop a friend. Years past, and the Once-ler had been a recluse, until Jaden and his team, and a boy named Ted asked him to tell him the story. And he gave them the last Truffula tree seed to plant. In the end, The Once-ler and the Lorax were reunited.



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