The Return of Void Cubia is one of two movies of Aaron, & Friends Power Adventures The Battle Frontier.


After several battles between the forces of Light and Darkness, a mysterious entity is appearing, and offers all the villains a final chance at defeating the adventure teams, which the villains accept. Soon, catastrophe is happening all over the world, and only the Adventure teams can stop them. But when the strange life source is revealed to be Void Cubia, our heroes will have to do everything they can to stop him.


  • Heroes: The Miztyk Knights, Ratchet and Clank's Adventure Team, (more heroes needed)
  • Villains: The Kingdom of Darkness, (more villains needed)
  • Void Cubia, will become more powerful, and more terrifying in this film


The Return of Lucifer

  • Everyone is celebrating with Void Cubia's demise. Until...
  • Ratchet: Um, guys...
  • Everyone looks up to see The final remnant of darkness, The Citadel of Bone, pierce into the barrier that once held the ultimate force. Void's power had been fueling Skeleton King all along.
  • Kirito: It's The Skeleton King!
  • Jake M: Oh not good, not good, not good!
  • Skeleton King steps out and reaches the barrier.
  • Aaron: No Skeleton King! Don't Do IT!
  • Skeleton King: At last, I shall awaken my master from his prison and bring for an era of eternal Darkness. Let the Worlds tremble in his wake!
  • Lightning strikes the barrier, shattering like glass. Soon a large black fog bursts forth and grows into a form, becoming, Lucifer!
  • Yui: Oh no...
  • Skeleton King bursts into laughter as he is absorbed into the Devil, while the others watch in fear.
  • Lucifer: I. AM. BACK.
  • Aaron: Lucifer.