The Supreme King's new family is a scene from the epilogue on one of Aaron's Adventures.


The scene opens in The Kingdom of Darkness, where Kurata has just returned with a strange sphere.

Kurata: Lord Lucifer, I have what you order me to retrieve!

Kurata hands Lucifer the sphere.

Lucifer: Excellent Kurata, now we can resurrect our newest ally. (laughing)

Soon dark clouds begin to consume the ball and a heart starts beating, forming a new body. As the darkness clears the being is revealed to being none other than, The Supreme King!

Supreme King: (stands up and looks around) Where am I?

Lucifer: Welcome my friend, to The Kingdom of Darkness.

Supreme King: (turns to see Lucifer) Who are you?

Lucifer: I am Lucifer.

Supreme King: (sees Kurata) It's You! I didn't think someone would actually gather a small amount of me to bring to this man.

Lucifer: (annoyed) Just be grateful that you're here at all!

Supreme King: What do you want of me?

Lucifer: Oh, it's not what I want, but, What you want.

Supreme King: Like what, Lucifer?

Lucifer: Revenge!

Supreme King: (gasps)

Lucifer: I can help you get it.

Supreme King: How?

Lucifer: Join me and I'll help you to get everything you want, including revenge on the people that helped free the young boy, Jaden Yuki.

Supreme King: What do I have to?

Lucifer: (dubbed as Facilier) Shake my Hand. (dubbed as Teridax) Come, join my brothers, and me.

Supreme King: Lucifer, Long may you rule. (shakes his hand).

Lucifer: Now we can, bring forth even more power, because, (dubbed as lord maliss) from this day forth, I shall rule all of the United Universe and all that is in it. The Worlds shall bend to my will, and all shall tremble in The Kingdom of Darkness. We shall have a grand purpose and that purpose only, Conquest, and VENGEANCE! Those Adventure teams, will pay for all those humiliating defeats from the past.

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