The Wizard Of Berk Is The episode Of Hiccup's Adventures Chronicles. It's About How Vanellope Got Ending up In The land Of Oz. It's The Parody Of The Wizard Of Oz, But In Female Version, The episode will Be Made By Brermeerkat.


Hiccup and The gang Were Relaxing Until The storm Is Coming to Berk, And They All Need To Get in The Shelter, Except Vanellope. She Got Sucked In The Tornado And Crashed Landed In The Land Of Oz. And She Meets The Citizens Of The Mushroom Vikings, They Tell Her to go See The Good Wizard In Emerald O-Town. Which Is Stoick. But She Has Three People Who's with Her. The Scarecrow, Tin Man, And The Cowardly Lion. But Female People. Astrid As The Female Scarecrow. Alexis Rhodes As The Tin-Lady and Dr Hutchinson As The Cowardly Lioness. They Where Sent The mission To Stop The Wizard's Evil Brother, Which Is Mildew As The Evil Sorceror. Can Vanellope And Her Female Friends Stop The Evil Sorceror's Plans?


  • There will Be The Female Version Of Scarecrow, Tin Man, And The Lion
  • Hiccup Will Be Palyed As The Wizard's son

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