"Careful, I'm Contagious." - Thrax

Thrax (Laurence Fishburne) is a serial killer virus called The Red Death and the main antagonist in Jaden meets Osmosis Jones. Thrax planned to kill Frank in two days' time to break a medical record, but Jaden and Ozzy managed to stop him when he fell in a dish of alcohol. He is also a recurring foe of the Justice Guardians.



  • Thrax will become Jeffrey's enemy in Jeffrey and Friends meet Osmosis Jones.
  • Thrax will guest star in Jaden gets Hoodwinked!
  • Thrax will guest star and serve as the main antagonist in The Inside Job.
  • Thrax will become Aaron's enemy in Aaron Meets Osmosis Jones.
  • Thrax will become Arik's enemy in Arik Meets Osmosis Jones.
  • Thrax will become Twilight's enemy in Twilight meets Osmosis Jones.

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