Titan (voiced by Eric Stuart) is a villainous duelist from Yu-Gi-Oh GX. At first, he was a fraud Shadow Duelist who was hired by Crowler to scare Jaden out of Duel Academy. He used Alexis as bait and a fake Millienium item to do the job. But after Jaden saw that his act was fake, Titan became possesed by shadow creatures, and a REAL shadow game comenced. But Titan still lost to Jaden. Tittan returned from the Shadow Realm with Kagemaru's help, given a shadowmask charm, and targeted Alexis as his victim for her spirit key, but lost in the end returning to the shadow realm.

Adventures Series:

Titan came back with Camula to work for Set, being enemies for Jaden, and his team to continue there mission, gain the Three Sacred Beasts. Titan uses a Archfiend Deck, which resemble demonic chess pieces.


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