Toadward a.k.a. Toadie (voiced by Corey Burton)is the former right hand of Duke Igzorn and the wisest and most literate, but even the smallest of all monsters and an old friend of buzz and delete. It is his "Herzoglein", as he calls desöfteren Igzorn at all times and even plans originating mainly from the construction of weapons or annexations. Since he is Igzorns Besides chief speak, he commanded the monster and leads them in combat or marshes. He has a cousin named Tadpole, who visit him once on Drekmore comes

After the final episode of Adventures of the Gummi Bears Toadie returnes to sees his old friends buzz and delete and joins the cyberchase fighters.


Toadie is Buzz and Delete's old friend from when they were little.Toadie meet Buzz and Delete in 3rd grade he was picked on by bullies for being the new kid.Buzz and Delete saved him from being bullied.He became best friends with Buzz and Delete They hang out. They play a lot.They have sleepovers.After Toadie graduated from high school he didnt see buzz and delete after he meet duke igzorm and became his henchmen.After the gummi bear stopped igzorm in the final episode he retured to buzz and delete and become a member of the cyberchase fighters.


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