Venom (performed by Topher Grace) is one of Spider-Man's greatest enemies. Venom is a symbionte being from space who once was fused with Spider Man, but, the creature was rejected by Spider-Man and found a new host, Eddie Brock, the two fused and became one new being, becoming Venom. He is immune to Spider-Man's spider-sense and basically has all of Spider-Man's powers (just doubled). He is also an enemy of Jaden and Jeffrey. When Venom web-slings, they come from the top part of his hands, and not like Spider-Man's. His only weakness is loud noise, it vibration distrutes the bond and eventually separtes the host and the Symbionte. However, The Symbionte, is also known to reproduce, and created another symobionte, who eventually became, Carnage.


  • Venom will become Jeffrey's enemy in Jeffrey & Friends' Adventures of Spider Man 3.
  • Jaden will first meet Venom in Jeffrey, Jaden & Friends meet TRON.
  • Venom will return for revenge in the Jeffrey, Jaden and Friends meet Indiana Jones saga. From then on, he will become one of Jeffrey and Jaden's most recurring and dangerous foes.
  • Venom serves as Anubis' right-hand man, just like how The Chameleon and Turbo serve as his father's right-hand men.
  • Venom will become Twilight's enemy in ​Twilight's Adventures of Spider-Man 3, ​he was later reunited back to live by Anubis, became general of the Heylin Empire, as well as the Rainbooms' most hated, dangerous and scariest enemy, and is the main antagonist of first season of the Twilight's Adventures series, as he wanted to have Twilight Sparkle to be his wife, but failed and got defeated by her and her team. He was yet resurrected back to live once again in the second season, and started to date with Adagio Dazzle instead.