Von Nebula (Hero Factory)

Von Nebula, Master of the Black Hole

Von Nebula (voiced by Mark Hamill) is a specialized villain in The Aaron's Adventures Series, he is the most powerful villain our heroes have ever faced since Makuta Teridax. Von Nebula has the power over the entire galactic nebula's and will destroy any of them, if they have served their purpose. He has the power from creating an all mighty Black Hole.


Von Nebula was once known as Von Ness, a young rookie hero, before he went rouge. He became very angry with one of hero allies after he went rouge, and eventually met, Teridax. He offered him enough power that he could destroy Preston Stormer, he accepted, and became Von Nebula.
Von Ness Full

Von Ness, Hero gone Rouge


  • Teridax and Von Nebula will work well together as they team up to face The Miztyk Knights.

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