The Wasp

Wasp is a female superhero. Her real name is Janet Van Dyne. She is one of the five founding members (Iron-Man, Hulk, Thor & Ant-Man) of the Avengers and gave the team its name.


Janet van Dyne was given her powers by Henry "Hank" Pym using Pym Particles.

  • Size Reduction: Janet's primary power is the ability to reduce her size and mass. Unlike Ant-Man, this reduction is not achieved via technology, and appears to be generated from Janet's body. While reduced, the Wasp presumably has proportionally superhuman strength, much like in the comics. Janet has shown that being crushed at a small size is one of her greatest weaknesses.
  • Flight: When she reduces herself in size, Janet grows a pair of yellow insectoid wings that allow her to fly. Her top speed is unknown, but she was able to keep up with an AIM hovervehicle alongside Thor. Wasp often uses her flight ablities to dodge enemy attacks, or to fly around them while utilzing her "Stings" at a rapid pace.
  • Bio-Electrical "Wasp" Stings: Due to alterations by Ant-Man, Janet is able to harness her own body's bio energy and project it as bright yellow blasts from her hands. These blasts, dubbed her "Stingers", are powerful enough to harm superhuman beings as durable as Skurge the Executioner. They have also shown to be more powerful while she is at full size, and have knocked both Whirlwind and Crimson Dynamo unconcious while at point blank range. She dosn't tend to use it at her normal size.
  • Size Addition: Apparently unbeknownst to both Hank Pym and Janet herself, Janet also possesses the ability to grow to enormous heights, similar to Giant-Man. Though it was only shown briefly, Janet apparently gains all of the same powers as Giant-Man does while at this height, and was capable of punching Ultron and causing some harm to him before shrinking back to her normal size. Wasp appears to have trouble when she uses this power which could be because her powers are genetically mixed with her body structure while Hank uses his Pym Particle machines to change his size.