Wyatt Bernstein

Wyatt Bernstein

Wyatt Bernstein is one of the two main characters in Michael Buzz and Delete Meet Crash and Bernstein..Wyatt, always wanted a brother since he is the boy in his family and all he has is sisters, and he has been waiting 12 years for a brother, as he gets one by creating one and it's a puppet named Crash. Wyatt seems to be afraid of bugs such as scorpions and beetles. Wyatt has to share a room with Cleo.


Wyatt is very out-going. He can be a little grumpy sometimes but he can't hold a grugde.Since Wyatt is the only boy in the house he felt left out. Until his new buddy Crash? came along. Every since Crash? came he doesn't feel left out any more and now he feels normal.

Wyatt is portrayed by Cole Jensen


  • Wyatt will join the Cyberchase Fighters at the end of Michael Buzz and Delete meet Crash and Bernstein.</li></li>