Xiro the Lion copy

Xiro is a young, carefree and brave lion prince, who is the son of the former king Sabu. He was the main character of the original "El Arca" film. Mistaking the voyage on Noah's ark for a pleasure cruise, he volunteers to go and takes Kairel aboard with him after his first choice, Bruma, was supposedly killed by a falling hippo and drowned in the flooding waters.

While on board the ark, Xiro struggles with Kairel about taking responsibility and being a true king. It is only after being set up by the Predators (Dagnino, Coco, Cachito, Wolfgang, Patrico and Panthy) and almost loosing his animal kingdom did Xiro realize the error of his ways. He is then freed by Kairel and his true friends, and working together they subdue the Predators and take back the kingdom. Now showing responsiblilty, Xiro becomes the new king. And finally being true to his heart, he won the heart of his true love, Kairel.


  • It is currently unknown if Jaden will ever meet Xiro.
  • Overtime, Xiro and Kairel were reunited with Bruma and a reformed Panthy, and later on an also reformed Dagnino. Together, they formed the El Arca Big Five (now named El Arca Big Six due to Teresa's joining) and allied with the Alex's Adventure of team in New York as part of the Real Ghostbusters Animal division. Simultaneously, they joined Benny the Beast, Leo Lionheart and Johnny the Lion for adventures through time and space in the Benny, Leo and Johnny's Adventure series.