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Zozi (Pirate)

Dressed as a Pirate

Zozi (voiced by Kelsey Grammer) is a character from Bartok the Magnificent. He is Bartok's best friend and partner.


  • Zozi will meet Jaden in Jaden meets Bartok the Magnificent.
  • Zozi will meet Jeffrey in Jeffrey & Friends meet Bartok the Magnificent.
  • Zozi will return with Bartok in Jeffrey & Friends meet Anastasia, where they'll work for Rasputin. They both reform at the end.
  • Zozi will guest star in Jeffrey, Jaden & Hiccup gets Spirited Away.
  • Zozi will meet Craig in Craig & Friends meet Bartok the Magnificent. By the end, he'll join the club. During which he becomes best friends with Devon.

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